Rabbit fact!

Rabbits  have 28 teeth!That’s a pretty big amount don’t you think?Comment what you would of thought the amount was!

Cashew The Rabbit and Eve (owner)


Carrots,Are they good for rabbits?


You might be thinking ‘sure,of course rabbits can eat carrots,after all,you do kind of associate carrots with rabbits right?’
Well,yes,you do associate carrots with rabbits,like in cartoons bunny’s are always eating carrots,but does that mean rabbits should eat them?

The answer: Rabbits can have a tiny bit of carrot.Like,as a treat. They definitely should not have them often.

The reason:Carrots are like chocolate or candy for rabbits since carrots are very sugary to them.

Hope this helps!:-)
-Cashew and Eve (owner)


Cashew The Baby Bunny



Here is Cashew,My little bunny rabbit . He is around 8-9 weeks old and we got him on 13/4/15 and he has settled in very very well to be honest.This is the beginng of a page with updates on the little monster,rabbit tips and information so please stay tuned!

-Kashew the rabbit and Eve (owner)